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Rocket Science
Fifteen contact hours

Brief Description  Team-build a high-power model rocket and launch it at Poker Flat Research Range. Take the knowledge of how rockets work and how they are used to study the aurora back into your K-12 classrooms

Rocket Science course objective The goals of this course are to introduce model rocketry to teachers as a method of studying physics and developing skills of experimental observation. We will study the basic concepts of stability, component placement, drag, propulsion, recovery systems and experimentally measure stability and drag. Teacher teams will build and launch their own high-power model rocket.

  • Instructor will develop and deliver Alaska aerospace-related curriculum topics for K-12 teachers in one-credit hour modules.
  • For five of the fifteen contact hours students will participate in hands-on instruction activities.
  • Final grade will be based on development of appropriate curriculum elements that teachers can use in their own classrooms.
Course content syllabus
Day 1 (3 hours)
  • Describe grading system: student's grades will be based on curriculum elements that they develop for their own use.
  • Lecture and present demonstrations to introduce principles of mass conservation and forces in rocketry. Video of shuttle launch forces.
  • Construct and launch individual model rockets.
Day 2 (3 hours)
  • Lecture and discuss aerodynamic drag forces.
  • Demonstrate computer programs to predict flight performance of model rockets.
  • Review principles covered in Day 1 and apply these principles to the launch and flight of two-liter pop-bottle rockers. Construct, launch, and quantitatively measure thrust performance of two-liter pop-bottle water rockets.
  • Start construction of team-built high-power model rockets. Continue to next page...

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